About Us


Who we are and what we do?

We are, who enjoy doing their job meticulously and in the best possible way, a large team consisting of our specialist doctors, health institutions, personnel providing transfer services, attendants who accompany our guests during the travel, employees who answer questions at call center 7/24 and stakeholders who provide technical support.

Our aim is to leave a memory that they will remember with pleasure in each of our guests, to meet their expectations with a service beyond their dreams, and to make them experience the beauties of our country with extraordinary experiences.

Our team performs the following procedures according to the type of application:

About Us

If our guest is an emergency patient or an inpatient, we take our guest from where she/he is by ambulance plane and bring her/him to our full-fledged health institutions where her/his treatment will be provided and after ensuring the successful completion of her/his treatment, we send our guest to her/his own country with our transfer team.

If our guest wants to receive treatment for an existing disease, we request all written and visual information and documents (reports, x-rays, etc.) regarding her/his disease from full-fledged health institutions in her/his own country, if any. If not, we ensure that a treatment plan is prepared in accordance with our guest's complaint in our health institutions that are diagnostic centers and that our guest is transferred after the treatment is positive.

If our guest is coming for an outpatient procedure that includes applications such as filling and botox, which we call non-surgical aesthetics, we prepare a package program that includes transfer, accommodation, travel and guidance services. Thus, guest while she/he is in Turkey for treatment, we organize their travel to tourist attractions, famous restaurants or within the framework of a program that we can revise in line with our guest’s demands.

Team Members